In 1989, Randy Foye's mom disappeared. He was 5-years-old, graduating kindergarten. After that day, Randy never saw or heard from his mom, Regina Foye, again. Throughout his life, which includes his Villanova degree, his current 11-year NBA Career, and starting his own family, Randy wondered what happened to his mom. But without any clues, nobody could be sure if she was alive or dead. It seemed like it was a lost cause, to remain a mystery. That is until the impossible became possible. After 26-years, a September phone call would change Randy’s life forever. On this premiere episode, Randy Foye shares his personal story of why he now avoids using the word "never." SUBSCRIBE NOW and share a RATING & REVIEW.

Outside Shot includes an original theme and music from Award-Winning poet, writer & artist J. Ivy ( and Aaron Richardson (@jsoulmusic)

Upcoming episodes will include Will Sheridan, Jeremy Lin, Syrian born NJ Mayor Mohamed Khairullah, Sandy Pyonin and more. SUBSCRIBE NOW and share a RATING & REVIEW.

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