Kyle Lowry

The Underdog Story of Kyle Lowry, NBA All-Star for the Toronto Raptors. Before the fame and success, Kyle and Randy were teammates at Villanova. Their relationship has grown and today they are as close as brothers. Their bond and trust provides a rare look at Kyle Lowry beyond the basketball player. A candid and revealing episode about Kyle's unlikely path and his growth as a man, husband and father. Outside Shot w/ Randy Foye is Sponsored By Morgan Stanley. 

01:35 Randy Foye Introduces NBA All Star Kyle Lowry: From College Teammates To As Close As Brothers
02:09 Do You Remember The First Time We Met?
03:27 Kyle's Childhood In North Philadelphia
04:37 Randy Grew Up In Newark And Was Saved By Basketball. Who Introduced Kyle To Hoops?
04:57 Kyle's Older Brother Lonnie Introduced Him To Basketball
06:29 How Big Was 12-Year-Old Kyle And What Was His On Court Style?
07:53 The Roller Coaster Ride That Was The College Recruitment Of Kyle Lowry
09:37 Kyle's Campus Visit Was Not Quite The Same As Jesus Shuttleworth's
10:39 My 'Funniest' Moment Was When I Tore My AACL Instead Of Going To Orientation
12:53 When I Walked In I Was In Shock: Randy Open And Honest About Walking Into The Classroom
14:22 Newark, NBA, Rudy Gay, Checkers Fries And Almost Car-Jacked
16:09 He's A Little Different
16:51 Life Of Kyle At Villanova And Discovering His Possibilities
18:33 The Trust And The Attitude That Helped Create A Bond On And Off The Court
20:10 The Building Blocks Of Jay Wright's Villanova Attitude Playbook
21:03 Should Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright Consider A Job In The NBA?
23:40 2006 NBA Draft Night For Kyle And Randy
23:43 Randy Foye Is Drafted As The 7Th Pick In The NBA Draft And Ends Up In Minnesota
24:19 Kyle Travels From Cleveland To South Jersey Before He Hears His Life Change: With The 24Th Pick...
25:35 How Marriage And Fatherhood Has Changed Their Lives
26:52 The Relationship Kyle Has With His Mom & Grandmother
27:59 Kyle Gets Suspended For Fighting But It's His Grandmothers Reaction That Leaves A Mark
28:51 He Was 5 Years Old And Just Ate Breakfast. The Last Time Kyle Lowry Saw His Father
30:03 Toronto Is Home For Kyle And The Raptors, A Melting Pot Of Diverse Culture And People
31:09 How Do They Make Sure Their Children Remain Grounded In Life As They Find Their Identity?
31:28 I Want My Kids To Be Better Than Me
32:08 Randy's Emphasis On Experience As The Key To Raising His Daughters
33:52 My Legacy Is My Kids
34:01 Kyle Lowry On The Real Kyle Lowry
34:41 What Happens When An Underdog Becomes The Favorite?

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